Gage's Picks of Confidence - Week 4 Edition

Minnesota (+1) over Buffalo
Alright, I shouldn't have been so quick to write off Minnesoata. That game last week really fucked all my bets. I picked the winner but they didn't cover. Oh yeah and don't forget about Carolina doing the same. Whoops. Losman will look lost in this game and the Vikings get back on the win column. Plus, they're getting a point? Cool.

Jacksonville (-3) over Washington
The Redskins, on the other hand, I don't believe in. Forgive me if I think Mark Brunell is a stiff and Santana Moss is overrated. The Jags defense is good. Going back to my Week 1 system, they get definite points for QB and defense. Bad prediction for the 'Skins: Portis has to make two seperate tackles after interceptions. Good predition: he manages to only twist an ankle.

St. Louis (-5.5) over Detroit
I'm really not sure about why I picked this one. Detroit is bad, St. Louis is not quite so bad and at home. That's enough for me. Plus, fuck Kevin Jones for screwing over my fantasy team so far.

Chicago (-3) over Seattle
Still on the Bandwagon. Shaun Alexander can pray all he wants, but I don't think they pull out this game on the road. Pray really hard and maybe you'll get some deep dish pizza. By the way, in a previous week I believe I said "fuck jinxes" to which I now say "fuck Jon Madden and his voodoo black magic." That dude has made a deal with the devil and I want no part of it.

San Fransisco (+7) over Kansas City
Trent Green is still out, that's all you really need to know. There's no reason to take a backup quarterback minus seven points, ever. Just seemed like too large of a point spread. Of course Larry Johnson could run for 250 yards and just remind me not to write him off. But, I still say seven is too many points.

Last Week: 2-3
Season: 9-6

Jon's Picks:

San Diego (-2.5) over Baltimore

Carolina (-7) over New Orleans

Philadelphia (-11) over Green Bay

Cleveland (-2.5) over Oakland

Seattle (+3.5) over Chicago

Last Week: 0-4-1
Season: 8-6-1