Wanton for Football

I am a Purdue alumnus and a Purdue fan. I went to a Big Ten school knowing that I was going to see big time college sports. Maybe this shouldn't have mattered to me, but it did. I drove from Indiana to the Rose Bowl in the 2000 season, I still maintain there is nothing like being in the student section at a Big Ten football game. This is a serious part of my life, again probably too serious but that's another post.

Alas, as we dive headfirst into another season, I would love to write a long drawn-out post breaking down all the pointless minutia of this team. It would make my day to tell you all about Curtis Painter's footwork or how well the left guard pulls on a sweep right. Nothing could make me happier, but this 2-0 team heads into their third game and not a single one will have been on tv. Oh for three.

Which leads me to my point (two paragraphs late). I have 300 digital cable channels and get a ton of sports. These are the games I will be getting this week instead of Ball St. @ Purdue:

BYU @ Boston College (ESPN2)
If you can tell me one thing about either of these teams, you get a cookie. Is this on just because ESPN is in the northeast? Does the camera crew just want to save some travel money? Last I checked, Steve Young doesn't work for ESPN anymore, you don't have to show BYU just for him. Maybe those rumors about Mormons running the network are true. Division of Sports and Church!!! I demand justice.

Marshall @ Kansas St. (Fox Sports Something)
Why are these teams even playing each other? Is Marshall still in West Virginia? I can hardly see how anything good comes out of WV. Plus, this is a MAC team playing a lesser Big 12 team. Purdue vs. Ball State is a MAC team against an-admittedly not elite-Big Ten team. But I'm telling you, the Big Ten outweighs the Big 12 any day of the week. Don't give me Oklahoma and Texas because I will throw Michigan and Ohio State all up in your shit.

Kent St. @ Miami University (Fox Sports Ohio)
Woah, hold your jets there. Who decided this one? Just because there's two teams from Ohio playing they have to be on tv? What's that? You thought this was the University of Miami? Whoops. There's still time, give me some Purdue. You know you want to. (By the way, I understand that if you say "Miami Ohio" certain people don't take kindly, just a heads up to anyone traveling through the Oxford, OH area)

So there you have it. A Big Ten school with a HUGE alumni playing an in-state school can't get on tv, not anywhere. At least we have the MAC everywhere. Bleh.