An open letter

Dearest Carson,
If you're reading this, then my constant barrage of fan mail (and electronic mail) has finally paid off. I knew we would find each other eventually. Before we met, I was just a leaf blowing in the wind. I had no one, no quarteback if you will, to guide me. I tried to listen to my friends when they told me "it's ok if you settle for Akili, he really is a nice guy." And I tried, but honestly my heart was never in it. Something about him just didn't do it for me. Maybe it was the way he couldn't throw a spiral, or maybe it was because he was half-retarded. Then there was Jon. Jon was safe. But, ohhh Jonny boy. We really did have some fun didn't we? For a while there 8-8 really was good enough. But when it really came down to it I got tired of being safe. I wanted to see the long ball. No more long walks on the beach, I wanted long passes down the sideline. And then, you came along. I knew right away that you were the one. My friends all say there's no such thing as love at first sight, but when I saw you come back on the road against Baltimore I knew it was destiny. And last year everything was going perfect. We won the AFC North for the first time ever! And then, the worst happened. I won't bring it up. We both remember. At first I was in denial and then I was angry. How could you do this to me? Then I spent most of the summer in my bedroom crying and just holding your picture. Was it all over? It happened so fast. And then, before I knew it training camp was here! You were running and jumping and you told me not to get carried away, but oh boy did I. And now, on Sunday we'll finally be back together again. Believe me when I tell you I never gave up hope. Now go out there and do it for all three of us, because I think there might be a little QB on the way.