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So I think gage and I would be lying if we said we weren't inspired to begin a sportsblog in part by Bill Simmons' numerous columns (although I fear Simmons has perhaps long since started becoming a caricature of himself. Whatever) and Deadspin, the sportsblog to begin and end all sportsblogs. While we will never have the commenters, wit, or cosmopolitan savvy of Deadspin, I don't think we care to. This is more a venue to let loose, spout off, and not worry about professionalism or "facts." Sort of like a sports-focused poor man's Colbert Report, if you will.

So, to finally get to the sports. Has anyone seen the ridiculous NBC Sunday Night Football Madden commercial talking about how football is toughest on the mothers (you can find it on NBC's Sunday Night Football site)? First of all, John Madden is starting to look like a fat old woman. Am I alone on this? Shouldn't football announcers make an effort to look somewhat manly? Just throwing that out there... Secondly, I doubt anyone really cares (outside of Indianapolis or the Manning household, anyway) that Peyton and Eli are facing off against each other in Week 1. Sure, the talking heads need something ridiculous to natter on about, but give me a fucking break. They're playing football here. This isn't the fucking Civil War. Besides, is this commercial really going to appeal to the High Life swilling Sunday Night crowd? Or since the game's on a network now, are they trying to get more moms to watch the game? I mean... shit... SNF is gonna be up against The Amazing Race this fall. You can write off the mom (and my fiance) viewership right there. What's the over-under on how Manning mom shots in the crowd Sunday Night? I put it at 8.


Gage said...

I'd say it's a civil war of sorts. Have you SEEN the Sportscenter commercial where they are walking down the hall punching and kicking each other??? Talk about a grudge match.
By the way, nothing scares me more than a makeup-covered John Madden in HD. His complexion really makes me suspect animatronics.

Upstate Girl said...

Not to mention his hideous man boobs.