Apparently it was halfway to St. Patrick's Day. This is your team, trout. You defend this shit.


trout said...

I don't have to defend it, really. You, of all people, in your redblooded Irishness should stand behind this. We are Irish, we are proud, and we'll wear goddamned hideous green uniforms if we goddamn well want to. Let's forget for a moment that most of the team is Hispanic, and remember that this is the city that turns its backwards-flowing river green for St. Patty's Day. Let's also remember this is the same team that wore softball shorts in the 70s. Now THOSE were indefensible. I'll take green unis over shorts any day.

trout said...

Oh, and let's not forget the walk-off homerun my boys hit in those unis. There must be some good mojo flowing through them there green pinstripes.

Maybe all the boys needed was a little ugly ass greenness to bring the fun back. Watch out, Twinkies.