Whatever you do, never forget. Don't ever forget.

It's kinda like Gage confidently claiming (completely sober, and almost matter-of-factly) that Coldplay is the best band ever. You can't let these things die. So when Gage goes to the Ben-gals/Pats game this weekend, he must Must MUST unquestionably yell something to Tom Brady about his pet goat. How exactly this shall be referenced, I'll leave to the imagination of the commenters. The possibilities are practically boundless.

This whole enterprise is necessary not just because it fits so well with the spirit and title of this blog, although that certainly adds to the whole situation. It's because we must immortalize these moments. The moment when a professional athlete says, "Yes, it is a good idea to incorporate farm animals into my already weirdly sexual photoshoot." The moment when a friend says to himself, "Yes, I do believe I will abandon all rationality to become, in essence, a dumbed down Gwyneth Paltrow, slobbering all over Chris Martin."

Bask in them. Revel in them.


Jim's Son said...

and the sky was all yellow...

MB said...

If Tom Brady says it's okay to be weirdly sexual with a goat, then it's ... it's ... um ... nevermind.

Your posting of the picture does tell me you are well on your way to developing a mancrush on Tom Brady, though, Hot Brown. By the time you return to the alleged heartland you'll have your #12 jersey tucked away in your luggage.

Either that, or you've got a thing for the goat. I can't decide.