After a sweep at the hands of the Oakland A's, I am officially declaring the White Sox season dead. I suppose technically there's still a chance that they make the playoffs, but it's not one really worth considering. It's a good thing I haven't been able to watch any Sox games the past month; it makes things easier, really.

You did a good job this year, Kenny. You put the players on the field to succeed. On paper, the Sox were the best team in baseball. A small amount of blame is due to Ozzie, but, in reality, the players (mainly the pitching staff) just didn't perform to expectations. And so it goes. Fix your eyes on winning next year, Kenny; two out of three ain't bad.


Upstate Girl said...

Who is going to be in the World Series this year?

trout said...

I guess the conventional wisdom at this point would project another Subway Series, Yanks vs. Mets. Because I would be completely uninterested in watching such a series and because I have to make sexier picks than that, I'm gonna say it's going to be the Padres (pitching with David Wells, Jake Peavy, Woody Williams, Trevor Hoffman... and they're playing out of their minds right now) vs. the A's (again, pitching, with a little bit of hitting thrown in). A's will win to give Frank Thomas his second World Series ring in two years. The national media will pop a boner over this story while Chicago writers try to make it something it's not. Kenny Williams will go on the record and say "I still hate Frank. He's a prick." Ozzie will mutter something unintelligible yet profane.

Upstate Girl said...

Hmmmm.... I would be more interested in watching a Subway Series! :)

Gage said...

Padres vs. A's? What the fuck are you smoking? First of all, this could never happen. Just not feasable. Secondly, this series would have the worst tv ratings of all time. And, I don't even want to think about the self-fellatio that Billy Beane would be involved in. Say it ain't so.

trout said...

gage--who the fuck are you, bud selig? since when do fans give a flying fuck about the world series tv ratings? sure, it would be awful ratings, whatever, who cares. only baseball administration types and fuckjobs like mariotti (columnists who have to take time away from jerking themselves off to write a column once in a while) are the people who should care about ratings. they nattered on about this same shit last year when it was chicago-houston (and don't think for a second anyone but hilljacks would give a shit if the reds were in the world series). apparently the media isn't fucking happy unless a new york team is in the series, which, quite frankly, is a load of horseshit (with all respect to our new york readers). they can't even be happy with the 3rd largest market in the country, unless it's the fucking adorable cubby bears that can break their lame ass curse while swilling old style all the while. fuck that.

p.s. can you tell baseball has made me slightly bitter this year?

MB said...

O ye of little faith. For all intents, they're dead, but the last three games of the season are against the Twins. You've just got to gain one game on them between now and that final series to stay alive - and at some point the Twins pitching has to fall apart, doesn't it?

Since Boston is done, I'm hoping Red Sox West gets to the World Series. I still say Grady Little got jobbed in Boston - when the biggest mistake you make is leaving the best pitcher on your staff in the game and he gives up a bloop hit, you didn't make the wrong decision.

And I want the Mets to lose dramatically so Omar Minaya goes off half-crazy and trades for Manny this winter ...

Upstate Girl said...

You are bitter. Poor White Sox. (Was Frank Thomas a White Sox?)

And by the way, people like to watch the Yankees because they are an attractive team. Oh and because they're the muthafucking Yankees. The most successful team ever! Go ahead and hate on New York! I can take it!

And lastly, Manny Ramirez is repulsive. Blech!

Yeah sorry, I contribute nothing to this blog, but I will continue to comment. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate all New York teams. I'll root for the White Sox and Reds before I root for the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Islanders, Knicks, Rangers, Liberty, Dragons, or Metrostars.

I love the word hilljacks.

A's vs Padres would get good ratings west of the Rocky mountains. Plus they are fun teams.

I'm a Cubs fan but I agree with Brian about media hype with the Cubs. Maybe if Cubs management bought good players and quit trusting their pitching staff to lame young arms who aren't young anymore but only seem that way because they pitch about 5 games a year, then there wouldn't be a curse. The Cubs should hire Mark Grace as manager and let him smoke in the dugout.

You guys brighten my days. Thank you.