Trout's Picks of Contrariety, Week 6

Here comes another Trout winner, boys and girls!

Detroit (+1) over Buffalo
Gage continues to forget his past wisdom. Namely, Jon Kitna is a "game manager." Also, I think the Lions will be hungry to eat some Buffalo after being tamed by ruthless Vikings last week. Goddamnit Roy Williams, catch 2 touchdowns this week. Hasn't anyone told you that 130 yard games are practically worthless to my fantasy team? Christ.

Arizona (+10.5) over Chicago
The Bears will win because they are good and stuff. But this is the game where Lovie Smith decides to make the game close because the Bears could actually benefit from playing a close one before they really get tested. Also, Matt Leinart is handsome. That's good for something, right?

Philadelphia (-3) over New Orleans
Philly could have a letdown after the TO idiocy last week, but to me they look really good. And New Orleans colors are black and gold. These are the same colors as Purdue. Purdue sucks. Hence New Orleans is overrated. This is Ivy League logic. You can't argue with it.

Carolina (+3) over Baltimore
Gage forgets Old Man McNair is the Ravens QB and Carolina has a good D. Carolina wins it. I feel it in my weiner.

Kansas City (+7) over Pittsburgh
Yeah, it's a must-win for Pittsburgh, but that doesn't mean they'll win by more than 7. Also, has anyone noticed that Larry Johnson kinda sucks this year? Too bad for Gage's boners.