Sit Back, Relax, and Strap it Down

World Series '06 here we come. So I guess Game 7 last night was exciting or something. Exciting in the way that watching... oh, I don't know... the Jets and the Browns playing for the AFC championship could be construed as exciting. The game might be close and the stakes might be high, but the talent leaves a little someting to be desired.

Although I watched most of it, I unfortunately missed the two defining moments of the game: the Endy Chavez catch (taking a piss--got back just in time to see the replay before they went to commercial) and the top of the ninth Molina homer (watching The Office that I had taped earlier in the night). But I did catch the Mets choking away the series in the bottom of the ninth, and the Yadier Molina awkward jumping moment of the season. Seriously, if you're Carlos Beltran, how do you NOT swing at an 0-2 pitch if it's anywhere close? I don't care how good Wainwright's curve ball may or may not be, you don't go down and lose the series looking at strike three. Unconscionable. Pull your head out of your ass, Carlos, and foul some pitches off. Jeebus.

Anyway, looking ahead to the series, everybody's picking the Tigers. And rightly so. They're the better team, by far, and they're on a roll. How will that one week layoff affect them, though? Will Kenny Rogers be adversely affected by a week of whoring in the Motor City? Will Craig Monroe be able to overcome his one-week bender with Dmitri Young? These are the questions that must be answered. A lot of people were squawking about the layoff with the ChiSox last year (remember how their bullpen didn't pitch for something like 10 straight days?), then they came out and swept the Astros. Realistically, that series shouldn't have been a sweep (all of them close games, not to mention that 13-inning nailbiter when I almost committed assault at the suggestion, by a grad school friend, that the Astros should just win it already so that he could go to bed), and I don't think this one will be either.

Even though Carpenter's been off his game, he is still a pitcher that's qualified to pitch against AL hitting (and the Tigers ' lineup is really not that murderous). Combine that with Suppan and/or Weaver potentially pulling out squeakers (I know, they're both pretenders just waiting to implode, but you never know), I think the Cardinals are capable of winning at least two. So there's the winning prediction, kids: Tigers in 6. And don't forget it, because we all know I called the LCS's to a T, sorta. Enjoy it, Detroit, because no matter how good next year may look (see Boston '05, Chicago '06), it ain't easy to repeat.


Gage said...

God, I hope the Cards don't win. The Tigers (except Kenny Rogers) are fun to root for. Sean Casey, World Series MVP. Mark that down.

Jason said...

Is Sean Casey even going to play? If he does I'm betting he reinjures that calf in his first at bat. Mark that down.