Gage's Back On The Horse Picks - Week 8

3-1-1 last week, woot woot! I'm back on top baby. Ok, maybe I should temper that reaction just a touch, but I'm feeling good, like I'm fresh off the DL after a couple weeks on the sidelines. No more homoerotic trainer rubbing my hamstring. This is a total jinx, but I'm feeling good about this week's picks. You thinking what I'm thinking? Yeah, I'm screwed.

Indy (+3) over Denver
This line jumped out me right away. Indy is a better team than Denver and they say you get three points just for being at home. That means that, all things being equal, these are equally skilled teams. Does anybody believe that? I'm taking Indy plus points against anybody. Plus, how many times have they absolutely smoked the Broncos in the past few years? (P.S. Jake Plummer)

New Orleans (-1.5) over Baltimore
Drew Brees how do I love thee, let me count the ways: One, you took Purdue to the Rose Bowl. Two, you stayed for your senior season. Three, you made Daunte Culpepper look like a total chump. Sigh.... Anyway, Baltimore is struggling and McNair has some sort of "head injury." Is there a med school textbook entirely on McNair yet?

Carolina (-5) over Dallas
Romo is starting. Carolina has a good defense. The great thing here is that all Dallas games are officially worth watching now, just to see TO lay into Romo. With the right camera angle we'll get to see a tear slide down his cheek while Drew Bledsoe stands in the background trying not to smile. Can't wait.

NY Jets (+2) over Cleveland
The Jets are basically better than the Brown Mistakes on the Lake at every position. And they're not a good team. But, good enough to beat crappy teams. (See last week)

Kansas City (-4) over Seattle
I can't really see me adding much to this one, QB and RB hurt, KC at home blah blah. Seems like a layup with Seattle playing down to the competition every week. I would like to use this opportunity to say how tainted my opinion of Alexander is now. He's a good Kentucky boy who took the college game and the NFL by storm and always seemed like a nice guy. Then he had to go and say that God healed his ankle. Whatever your personal belief system is, I'm pretty sure his holiness isn't in the business of healing certain football players' injuries so that they can go earn their millions of dollars. Oh yeah, and his ankle was - of course - not healed.

Last Week: 3-1-1
Season: 17-16-2