Counterpoint: Porque Los Cardinals Perden

This post title sponsored by the New York Mets, aka the NYC pro-immigration lobby. I just wanted to get this in before the game started. And I honestly disagree with both of my co-blogger's picks. Here's why the Mets will handle this series:

- Carpenter will win his start(s), but beyond that every game should be a slugfest. And, frankly the Mets have the best lineup left in the playoffs. Bigtime factor.

- I love/hate Pujols. He's the very best hitter in baseball, maybe even the best hitter I've ever seen (Bonds doesn't count for obvious reasons). But, even Wille Randolph can't be stupid enough to pitch to him with a banged up Cards lineup, particularly Rolen who hasn't been completely right since his shoulder surgery.

- Jim Edmonds is OLD. He's got nada left in the tank.

- No more Reggie Sanders this year. If you don't know why I bring this up I can't tell you.

Prediction: Metropolitans in 5
Vamanos Mets!

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