Gage's Picks of Redemption (Week 7)

I'm getting ready to head up to the 'Nati for another crucial showdown for the Bengals. I don't really want to talk about how important this game is because I'm really nervous about it. Let's just say "very important." Ok, let me hit you with a hot set of picks. This week is "back to basics" week. I'm revisiting my system from week 1 with the best 2/3 of QB, RB, Def. Watch my money disappear. Woosh....

NY Jets (-3.5) over Detroit
The Lions are just that bad. I can't tell you enough how silly it is to trust your team to Jonny Kitna. On a good team he can get you to 8-8. On this team.... well you can see for yourself. I know the Jets have had some bad games, but they hung in with the Colts and I picked up Leon Washington in fantasy, so he needs to come through.

Indy (-8) over Washington
Manning needs to get a good game in, and they're at home. It's been too long since the Colts hung 45 on somebody. They should win this game by 10 points nine out of ten times. Let's hope today isn't game ten.

San Diego (-5) over Kansas City
My buddy Josh said to me that SD is the best team in the AFC last night. I couldn't argue. Granted, I was half drunk, but this is a good team. This Rivers kid will be solid.

Cincy (-3) over Carolina
Ooooohhhh I told you I didn't want to talk about it. Palmer has to take over this game, that's the only option. Plllleeeaasseeee.

Atlanta (+3) over Pittsburgh
Fear the home underdog. Atlanta plays really well at home. And they're probably tired of people telling them how bad they are. I feel like this game is more or less a push at all three of my key points, so I'm going with the home team playing on turf.