Frank Thomas v. Magglio Ordonez; Edge: Maggs

OK, so I know a little while back I predicted the Padres vs. the A's for the World Series. And now that one of my horses is gone, it's kinda dumb to jump ship on the other one. But I am. With the way they played against the Yanks, the Tigers convinced me that they're ready for the series. They remind me a lot of the White Sox last year, and that's a good thing.

Both of these teams have really good starting pitching staffs: Zito, Loaiza, Haren, and Harden for the A's; Robertson, Rogers, Verlander, Bonderman for the Tigers. But the Tigers handled a much tougher lineup in the Yanks than did the A's. This isn't to say the A's couldn't have as well, but the Tigers proved they're on their game. Edge: Tigers.

Both teams have outstanding bullpens, too. Even though Todd Jones has ridiculous facial hair and the desire to not strike anyone out, I still give the edge to the Tigers with Zumaya and company. All I can remember of Huston Street is that he gave up a huge homerun to Rob Mackowiak in a White Sox winner I was at earlier this year. That, and he's young and was out with injuries. Strange as it may sound, Todd Jones actually inspires more confidence than Street. Oh, and the Tigers pen also has this guy (a former White Sox, I might add--it's clear to me now why he only stayed one season):

It would be a goddamn shame if those didn't get busted out for another celebration.

Since I'm ignoring defense (I haven't really heard anything about either team and I'm too lazy to look up nebulous defensive stats), that leaves the lineups. Oakland's got Frank Thomas. Detroit's got Maggs. What this means is the following: Oakland's got just another run-of-the-mill shiny head, Detroit's got incredibly greasy "just another Venezuelan piece of shit" flowing mane. I could break down other aspects of this, but I think that's sufficient. Tigers it is! In 6.

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