Baseball News and Notes

World Series
Ummmm... yeah... so apparently there is a World Series going on, and it is about to end in 5 games like a lot of folks expected (well, actually, the smart money's on Jeff Weaver to implode tonight and send the series back to Detroit, but whatever). Except it's the Cardinals (who, by the way, were probably the 5th or 6th best team in the inferior National League this year behind NY, Philly, SD, LA, and maybe Houston--making them about the 15th or 16th best team in baseball, right in the middle of the pack) who are about to walk away with that beautiful, beautiful trophy that rightfully belongs to the White Sox....arghaghaghhgehaghaghagh.... yesterday was the anniversary of the Sox winning it all. I still sorta regret not going to a bar and getting trashed out of my mind for that game. But I'll always remember not being able to go to sleep afterward, dumbfoundedly watching all the second-rate Comcast SportsNet coverage. God bless you, beltin' Bill Melton.

Anyway, scanning through Deadspin World Series articles of this year and last, I noticed they commented on how last year's most excellent World Series was the lowest-rated one in history. I can only imagine this one will challenge last year's for that honor. Shit, if The Office and Grey's Anatomy hadn't been re-runs last night, I'd have been checking in on the Series only at commercial breaks. What is it about anti-climactic playoffs? It seems to me that they virtually all are, Super Bowl included (crazy high viewership not withstanding--the way that brings in non-fans is a completely different beast). I know the NBA gets criticized for its ridiculously long playoffs... but I think every sport has the same problem. By the time the end rolls around, as a casual fan I couldn't really give a shit (when your team's involved, it's a whole different story).

According to plenty of sources, Francisco Liriano may opt to have elbow surgery (it's a wonder more than his elbow isn't fucked up... look at that picture, for christ's sake). Goodbye 2007, Twins fans. I look for Boof Bonser to anchor the rotation after Santana goes down with some freak injury (at least taking him out of the rotation for series against the White Sox), swiftly followed by one of Joe Mauer's testicles exploding upon contact with a foul tip (this is why your best player shouldn't be a catcher), and Justin Morneau being deported for his French last name (don't ask--it's a misguided GW Bush policy intended to benefit the lily-white Rangers). At least you still have the decrepit Torii Hunter, Twins fans.

The Sheffield Option
So the Yanks picked up the option on Sheffield, who apparently resents being guaranteed another $13 million. I don't blame him; I'd be incensed if someone guaranteed me that kind of money. The nerve of people these days. If I was Brian Cashman, I'd be wary of getting a shiv in my gut. Apparently Sheffield's put off because he wanted a 3-year contract in the free agent market. I know there are teams out there dumb enough to give a long-term contract to a 38 year old outfielder coming off an injury-riddled year (cough, cough, Cubs), but Jesus, Gary, pull your head out of your ass. Worst Case Scenario: You play 2007 with AMERICA'S TEAM, become life-long friends with A-Rod, pick up some steroids-induced worm from Jason Giambi, and get bounced in the first round of the playoffs. All while making $13 million.

Labor Agreement
This excites me more than anything involving a bunch of fuckers (Bud Selig and Donald Fehr, just to name 2 of the uglier motherfuckers in the room) squabbling over millions of dollars should. But... hooray for baseball! A 5-year deal is huge. Now Bud can focus all his energies on cleaning up the whole steroids/HGH issue, coming up with a coherent and tough policy with some actual teeth that will be an example to other sports (here's looking at you NFL), and all the children--because we do it for the kids, don't we? hahahahahahaha.... sigh....