More White Sox, Because I Know January Begs It

My mancrush Joey re-signed at $4.94 million for 2007, avoiding arbitration. Here's hoping his back doesn't go out next season. If he continues on the trend he's been on the past few years, he's due for a big, big payday when he escapes his arbitration years. I've got mixed feelings about whether or not I want that big payday to be with the Sox, but man, I like Crede no matter what.

Some fun with 2006 third baseman numbers... can you guess who each player is (not too tough, I know, but the answer is in the comments):

Three players (player "a" is the same throughout, etc.):
Salary: (a) 25 million (b) 2.7 million (c) 11.5 million
Runs: (a) 113 (b) 76 (c) 88
HRs: (a) 35 (b) 30 (c) 25
RBI: (a) 121 (b) 94 (c) 89
Avg: (a) .290 (b) .283 (c) .268
OPS: (a) .914 (b) .828 (c) .792
Fielding% (a) .937 (b) .978 (c) .968


trout said...

a) of course, is A-Rod
b) is Crede
c) is Adrian Beltre. Good move, Mariners.

Notorious B.O.B. said...

Its good to see we got Clutch Crede back for one more year at least. Although his true greatness is wasted if we don't make the postseason again.

ps. I still watch the 2005 Sox dvds and pretend last year didn't happen. You?

Bronx Angry Bear said...

Um, I've been away for the past two years. Are there still baseball teams in Chicago?

trout said...

Yeah Bob, I do that regularly. It's easy to erase 2006 when the freaking Cardinals won the series.

Gage said...

Ahhhh Beltre... he, Jay Buhner and Brady Anderson should start a club called "Nobody will notice we were on 'roids if we only had one good year" or maybe something more catchy