For Those Non-Degenerates Out There

Lost in the scuttlebutt over the absolutely Earth-shaking comeback victory by Peyton and the Mannings, was a little gambling miracle that took place in the same contest. I watched the game with another friend who (like me) had taken the Colts giving 3.5 in this particular game. Anyone who regularly bets games knows that 3.5 points is painful in a close game because yee ole game-winning field goal means everything to the outcome of the game, but nothing to the point spread.

So, what happened Sunday? Well, first the Colts laid an absolute egg in the first half. My buddy was muttering to himself under his breath, considering blaming me for influencing him to play the Colt and fielding phone calls with comments like "you're right there should be a rule that you can't bet against Brady in the playoffs!" Let's just say things, got tense.

But nay, we didn't give up and kept watching. Suddenly the Colts came out firing in the second half and before we knew it we had a 4th quarter with the game tied. During a timeout we began discussing the potential scenarios where we could actually win money. First, no overtime. It's not worth hoping somebody wins an NFL overtime with a touchdown. Second, we'd love a straight up Colts' TD (just no FG). But when the Pats got the ball deep in Indy territory we decided our best hope was going to be option number three: Pats FG, followed by Colts TD. This is standard procedure for a sports gambler. There's always some miracle scenario that turns your losing bet into a winning one. Of course they never seem to happen, but this time it all came true. As Joseph Addai rumbled in for that final score, suddenly all was right with the world. All in all, possibly my most satisfying bet of the year. Now, two weeks to decide if I like the Colts minus seven. Hmmmm.....