Gage's Not-So-Wild Wildcard Picks

Thoughts while I sit in an airport terminal contemplating the potential implications of the voice interrupting the elevator music to inform me that the homeland security warning level has been raised to orange....

How do you pick the playoffs? During the season there's an ebb and flow to things, occasionally you predict a letdown game or when a team is in a must-win situation. Now, that's all out the window. It's the playoffs and I have no idea what to make of it. Particularly in wildcard weekend. We've got the teams who had to have everything go their way to get in up against the teams who backed right into the thing. Not really inspiring on either part.

What I'm trying to say here is that I'm taking the points in every game. I'm calling every game a coin flip and taking the heavier side of the coin. Luckily I'll be in a plane over the Pacific while all of these games are happening so I won't have to witness Eli Manning crying on the field or TO poking Romo in the eye on the sidelines. Eat it.

Kansas City (+7) over Indy
Dallas (+3) over Seattle
NY Jets (+8.5) over New England
NY Giants (+7) over Philly