Yet Another Exceedingly Small But Important Move

The White Sox announced yesterday they had signed Toby Hall to a 2-year, $3.65 million contract with an option for 2009. Yeah, Toby Hall is no Alfonso Soriano or Daisuke Matsuzaka. But I stand firm in arguing that he is equally as important as Gil Fucking Meche or Ted Fucking Lilly (not that the Sox needed another starter). Ah, ye doth protest! But Gil Fucking Meche and Ted Fucking Lilly pitch every fifth day, they are starters, surely they must prove more valuable than a lowly backup catcher, you say! Ah, but you would be woefully wrong. Why, you ask?

The only answer you really need is in the linked article. Here is the list of backup catchers the White Sox have had in the past couple years: Sandy Alomar Jr., Chris Widger and Ben Davis. But surely the Sox have a catcher down on the farm that could do the job, you say. Nay. Chris Stewart, the heir apparent to the job, batted a robust .265 in Charlotte and hasn't exactly played in the big leagues so much. Toby Hall, on the other hand, is a pretty damn good hitter against lefties, as South Side Sox points out. So while Toby Hall is mashing lefties every fourth or fifth day, Gil Fucking Meche and Ted Fucking Lilly will be giving up 4 earned runs and 8 hits in 5 and 2/3. Give me Toby! And look at that picture--he's pensive and thoughtful... probably have himself a little conversation with God right there! Who doesn't want that in a backup catcher?

And that's really all the Sox need--to spell AJ against lefties. Because of the woeful catcher situation last year, AJ was forced to play 140 games. And if you doubt that took its toll, AJ batted .320 in the first half and .262 in the second. Kenny has done another good job at shoring up a weak area for next year. Good job, Kenny. You are the recipient of my meaningless approval.