Gage's Still On Vacation Picks - Week 17

I seriously thought about not posting any picks this week seeing as how I am still out of town and on a borrowed laptop that is made by some company called "Apple" (never heard of em). But, I remembered that I've come this far and actually have managed to have a winning record on the season and goddamnit it's week 17, so I soldier on (in the metaphorical sense not in the disrespecting our troops sense, fyi).

Houston (-5.5) over Cleveland
This looks to be the major pillow fight of the week and with the Ron Dayne experience in full effect, no less, I feel good about Houston. That good feeling is basesd primarily on the utter ineptitude of Cleveland. We should have known about Romeo. It's just not a football coach name. The great coaches were named Vince or Mike or John, not Romeo or Cassanova.

New Orleans (+2) over Carolina
How do you pick games in week 17? I am totally clueless so I'm sticking to the one team I've loved all year in the Saints. Plus they are getting points against a Carolina team that I have absolutely not been impressed with all season. I saw them in person this year and still they left me clueless. Go Drew (swoon).

Oakland (+11) over NY Jets
Betting on the Radiers? Yes I've lost my mind. They have nothing to play for and the Jets are sitting on a "win and you're in" situation. But this is what I'm calling the "fuck with Gage" game of the week. As you surely know, most likely way for Cincinnati to make the playoffs is if the Jets lose and the Bengals win. So, I expect New York to string Oakland along just long enough to get my hopes up and and then quickly dash them into a million pieces at the end. Sigh.... Thus, Oakland covers.

Seattle (+3) over Tampa Bay
Again, a good team getting points against a worse team. I know Seattle already is in and has nothing to play for, but neither does Tampa. What's that? Pride? Are they all out of that in the pacific northwest these days? And a heavenly light shown down upon Shaun Alexander's ankle and said "let the Seahawks win".

Tennessee (-3) over New England
Vince Young has made a lot of people a lot of money in the past few weeks. Finally he gets a little credit this week but I'm going to stay on the bandwagon, just because I'm a sucker and that's what I do. Later this week I'm going to invest in some high risk stocks because surely the stock market is predictable and could never crash.

Have a good New Years Rockin' Eve. Reguar posting by yours truly will resume this week. Go Bengals!