Gage's Wishlist Picks - Week 14

Well, last week hurt. The bottom completely fell out of your reliable 2-3 or 3-2 picks and I checked in with a big 0-4-1. I've run out of ways to say that I'm clueless. With the playoff races heating up and the AFC tighter than a rusty bolt on a '57 Chevy (thanks 2000 Dan Rather!), I'm just picking the games the way I want them to go. So, if all goes as planned, the Bengals will be one step closer to the wild card and I'll be sitting on a big stack of cash by the end of the day. Let's not discuss the alternative.

Picks To Help Cincy Get the WC:
Baltimore (+3) over KC
Ew, rooting for the Ravens. But, they should win this game easily. If you recall KC lost to Cleveland last week. I refuse to accept home field advantage arguments when playing a team that's 3-9 coming in. Really, I feel good about this one no matter who wins. If the Bengals and Chefs end up tied, Cincy holds the tiebreaker with a win in week 1. And they're only two games back of the Ravens. Don't hold your breath, but it could happen.

Indy (pick) over Jacksonville
Have you seen the Jaguars play this year? They are completely unpredictable. But, Indy needs to get back on the horse after last week, and remember I'm just betting the way I want things to go. This just feels right.

Buffalo (+4) over NY Jets
Do I really think Buffalo can go into NYC and get a win? Not really. But that's the same logic that's been fucking me all season. Losman to Evans, TD! Hell I dunno.

San Diego (-7.5) over Denver
This line seems extraordinarily high but I guess you get 3 points for being at home and 4.5 points for playing against the Jay Cutler experience. Go Lightning Bolts!

Picks To Feed My Mancrush:
New Orleans (+7.5) over Dallas
Romo, Brees, It's the NFC Championship! Snooze. Give the ball to Reggie Bush plenty just for the highlights, please.