Bud Selig is an Impotent Douche

I know, I know, no news there. But I was checking out Jayson Stark's ever-so-brief piece on the Yankees' Pettitte signing, and I came across this nugget and my eyes went all a-googly and I nearly gagged: "The buzz around baseball is that MLB officials -- particularly commissioner Bud Selig -- weren't happy with the Astros for giving $100 million over six years to free agent Carlos Lee."

Um... yeah. So, unless Bud Selig has been calling up the GMs for the Cubs, Orioles, Red Sox, Angels, Royals, Rangers, Dodgers, and any other team that has been making asinine deals this winter and voicing his displeasure, as the Astros I tell Bud to go smoke some pole. Yeah, 6 years at $16 million per is a bit excessive for Carlos, but this is a guy who has consistently hit 30 homers, driven in 100 runs over the past four years (plus, his nickname is El Caballo. El Caballo! God bless you, Hawk). And he just turned 30. Compare it to the Soriano, Lilly, Meche, Matthews, Drew, whoever the fuck deals, and it's more reasonable if you ask me.

Selig's retirement can't come soon enough.