It's December and I'm Talking About Baseball. Fucking Deal With It.

Dave Dombrowski is smart and stuff. He locked up Jeremy Bonderman through 2010, and the maximum he'll get paid is $12.5 million (the real kicker is $4.5 million next year and $8.5 million in 2008--Dombrowski must have really worked Bonderman over with his Jedi mindshit). It's a relative bargain given the crazy free agent market, especially when you consider Bonderman is only 24 and struck out over 200 last year and his ERA has steadily decreased over the last 3 years. I'm not relishing the thought of the White Sox facing Bonderman for years to come.

Jim Bowden confuses me. Maybe he's just a crazy alcoholic, but he traded away Jose Vidro for essentially nothing, in an effort to cut payroll. This is not what confuses me. What confuses me is that Vidro was the guy that the Nationals just couldn't displace in order for Soriano to play second. And now Washington essentially cuts him. Fucking stupid.

And last but not least, the issue nearest and dearest my heart. Phil Rogers is an idiot. After describing the huge free agent contracts handed out by the Cubs this offseason, he writes "No team figures to feel the impact of these contracts more than the White Sox." Ummm... no. The impact of these contracts will be felt most by the Cubs, particularly in 2008 and beyond when their strapped with expensive contracts for Ted Lilly, Jason Marquis, Ramirez, and Soriano. What is Phil Rogers smoking? Because the Cubs are dropping money on shitty starters like Lilly and Marquis, the White Sox are supposed to crap their pants in fear and inadequacy? Give me a break. Also, Phil, I curse you for sharing a name with a potter, rendering it impossible to find a picture of you through a Google image search. In protest, I post a picture of Kenny Rogers instead.