Gage's Playoff Hopeful Picks - Week 17

For those of you still paying attention (hello? anybody?) , I managed to go 4-1 last week purely picking the teams that I wanted to see win. My only mistake, Jacksonville over Indy. Holy shit what a beatdown (pretend I made that statement 6 days ago when it was timely). Anyway, apparently my mojo was flowing last week so let's keep it up.... On another note, I don't think I could be more excited about Bengals vs. Colts on Monday night if they made Peyton Manning run down a live chicken before kickoff.

Minnesota (-3.5) over NY Jets
Ew, I fucking hate this pick. But, I'm sticking to the stystem until it lets me down. Seriously though, how is Minny giving up three and a half just for being at home? Is there anybody who thinks they are a better team than the Jets? My only consolation here: Chad Pennington on the road.

Tennessee (+3.5) over Jacksonville
Okay, now here's one to get a little more excited about. The Vince Young show is sweeping the nation. They may not be in the hunt this year, but Vince is putting on a show and everybody is taking notice. Home underdog too. Maybe the most fun thing about the new era of VY: Colts fans have to get a little more frightened every time he takes over the fourth quarter of a game. He may single handedly kill their streak of dominating the AFC South.

Arizona (+2.5) over Denver
San Diego (-8) over Kansas City
Denver and KC are getting easier and easier to pick against every week. Fun group of young QB's out west in these games in Rivers, Leinart and Cutler. I can't wait for Berman to start making jokes about "gunslingers" and the "wild west." Has he already? Did I mis it?

Cincinnati (+3) over Indianapolis
All personal bias aside, thank the football gods for a fun Monday night game (or at least potentially fun). I will now go beg for forgiveness from those same gods for gambling with my team in a big game. Please don't break my heart football Zeus. I'll slaughter a goat or whatever.

Last Week: 4-1
Season Total: 34-32-3