Gage's Picks of Wow I'm Still Clueless - Week 16

New Orleans (+3) over NY Giants
Drew Brees plus three points = extra dreamy Drew Brees. I dunno about this one. But, I'm going to count on Eli breaking some hearts and continuing to choke in big games. As always, get em Drew!

Baltimore (+3.5) over Pittsburgh
The Ravens are just the better team here. I'm sure the fans in western Pennsylvainia are really excited about some miniscule/virtually-impossible chance of making the playoffs. Let's go ahead and shoot them down this week. I'd really really prefer that they have nothing to play for when they come to Cincy on New Years Eve.

San Fransisco (-4) over Arizona
As it turns out 'Frisco is actually playing for something. Well, holy Nolan! Arizona has shown streaks ans beat a really up and down Seattle team a couple weeks ago, but really they have no reason to give a damn. Thus, San Fran pulls it out.

Seattle (+4.5) over San Diego
This one is for Trout. He thinks Alexander's divine ankle will run all over the Chargers, so why not? Does either team have much to play for? Not really. Of course this pick makes me look stupid when I'm remeinded that San Diego is the best team in the NFL. Oh well.

Philly (+7) over Dallas
I keep harping on this, but I'd say Philly has a whole lot more to play for than Dallas. Plus, this Jeff Garcia thing might just be catching on. And, how self-loathing can Philly fans get over this whole thing? Seriously, they go from McNabb and sucking ass to quasi-gay Garcia and winning games. That's rough.