What, Oh What Could Be the Source of A-Rod's 2007 Heroics?

Easy: the high socks. Coincidence? Probably, but my money's on the socks and not just A-Rod's boundless talent finally penetrating the New York malaise. That malaise is only penetrable by the sort of karma meaningless wardrobe changes can bring.

Yeah, I'm probably way behind everyone else in mentioning this. But it bears repeating that A-Rod hit his 10th homer of the season today in high socks (boy am I glad I passed him up for Ryan Howard in my fantasy league). Apparently sometimes all a guy needs to get over the bad vibes in a city is a change in his wardrobe. Look good, feel good is what I say to anyone who will listen. And boy, does A-Rod look good right now. And I say that in the least homoerotic way possible. If that's possible. Which it's probably not.

The 2006 sad, pants-down-to-the ankles, error-committing A-Rod:

The 2007 jubilant, jacked-up-pants, walk-off-homer-hitting A-Rod:

Case closed.


MBQ said...

I switched to the high socks look weeks ago and my paper writing skills have gone through the roof.

Gage said...

I hiked my socks up and now I'm getting rejected by the ladies at doubletime!