A Memo to the White Sox:

Try not sucking when I actually get to watch a game. Oh, and try not sucking when John Danks starts a game. He's gotten a whopping three runs of support in games he's started. Sure, Danks was pretty mediocre tonight, but you know something's wrong when you hand Chad Durbin his first win since 2004, only manage three hits, strikeout NINE times, and draw no walks against the guy. I'd be tempted to pass it off as Thome and Dye being absent from the lineup tonight, but it was just an awful approach at the plate from all the Sox hitters (and, strangely enough, Steve Phillips and the ESPN crew actually pointed this out, albeit gently). Sigh... there goes that opportunity for a two game sweep.

P.S. I want to root for BA, but he needs to go down to Charlotte. Soon. Because he looks awful. And he should not have been hitting with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth and a chance to tie it. I guess Ozzie's just letting him hang himself...


Notorious B.O.B. said...

BA sucks. I hope to never see him in the starting lineup again.

And the White Sox cant handle facing a guy theyve never seen before...and Johan Santana. I dont know what it is, if I were an opposing manager I would just throw some scrub who never faced the white sox out there every night. He'd be unhittable.

Whenever I hear the term "first major league start" used to describe the opposing pitcher I know he'll be looking like Pedro Martinez that evening.

Tittle500 said...

Luis Terrero is awesome! He's gonna keep getting a homer each game.

Mark my Ashville Skylines words!