A Sweep Squandered

(Disclaimer: what follows are ramblings probably only of interest to a White Sox fan. Sorry, but that's all I've got right now.)

As much as it sucks to be one out away from a series sweep on the road and a five game winning streak, I can't say that I'm all that displeased with taking two of three from the Tigers. Yes, it's a golden opportunity lost. Yes, it may come back to bite the Sox in the ass in September. But I'm going to will myself to have a positive outlook on this season; there's enough negativity out there on the internets to go around without me chiming in.

What I take from the weekend is that the Sox are starting to win series, and winning series is what it takes to make the playoffs. You don't have to be dominant, you just have to be consistently better than the other guy. And I feel like the Sox are moving towards that, having taken 3 of the last 4 series.

So far, Kenny Williams is looking pretty decent as far as the whole McCarthy-to-Texas trade. McCarthy is 1-3 and sporting a robust 10.20 ERA after getting absolutely shelled in his last two starts (6 ER in 1 IP against the A's, 6 ER in 2 IP against the Mariners, of all teams).

Meanwhile, John Danks has looked like a passable 5th starter, and has at least made it into the 5th inning of all his starts (which is more than you can say for, oh, I dunno, Jose Contreras). Sure, he's no Rich Hill, but you know what? I have a feeling Rich Hill is no Rich Hill either. If that makes any sense. Which it should.

Anyway, add Nick Masset's great long relief performances (I'll forgive him today's loss--he still pitched 2 innings of shutout ball before the Tigers made him pay for his leadoff walk to Pudge), and Kenny is getting closer and closer to being able to tell people "I told you so."

In other retrospective trade musings, Chris Young, who, of course, can still develop into a really great centerfielder, is playing at an Erstad/BA level right now (hitting .189 with a .254 OBP), so we're not missing out on anything there. Javy Vazquez, meanwhile, is sporting a 2.50 ERA heading into his start against the Royals on Tuesday. Don't make me the fool by sucking on Tuesday, Javy.

Now if only Paulie could wake up out of his funk... maybe the Royals will be just what the doctor ordered.

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