Tough Day To Be A Hardcore Dale Jr. Fan

Well, Dale Jr. announced yesterday that he was switching teams. I know next to nothing about the internal workings of NASCAR, besides the fact that they are raking in the cash, but I did notice one tidbit towards the end of the article.
It is not known what number Earnhardt will drive.
Think about that for a second. There are some die hard NASCAR fans out there who dedicate their lives to associating themselves with a particular driver, and by extension his number. From what I've observed (and I do live in Kentucky) Earnhardt Jr.'s fans are about the most dedicated of them all. Let's suppose for a moment, that Little E (as I like to call him) does change his number. What does this mean to the fans?A whole new collection of camo hats?

A new Paint job maybe?

A trip back to the tattoo parlor for a touch up?

Good luck Jr. fans. It's going to be a tense couple of days.


trout said...

finally, a NASCAR post. what have we been waiting for?

gotta love the dale jr. tramp stamp on a woman with a spare tire. good stuff.

Gage said...

I knew you'd been jonesing for a NASCAR post.

Notorious B.O.B. said...

The level of posting in the past week has been record setting. you've even resorted to NASCAR posts. Bitchin'!

And are you sure that tattoo is on a chick? Those look like man hands to me. I wouldn't put it past a NASCAR fan.

trout said...

Man hands, maybe, but not those fingernails. Plus, fat guys just aren't shaped like that.

Notorious B.O.B. said...

Im missed the nails on the left. Guess it is just another hillbilly chick. sigh...