A Million Dollars a Start

Stupid. No, Steinbrenner's not stupid for spending it. I admire an owner shelling out money to win, regardless of whether or not that money is recklessly or stupidly spent (and I'd say $4.5 million/month on Roger is better spend that whatever they threw at Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright).

Baseball's just stupid for the absence of a salary cap allowing him to spend it. If you want some sort of legacy that goes beyond being a dipshit, Bud, you'd be wise to give some serious thought
to instituting a salary cap.

Oh, and Yankees fans--you still won't win the division. Wildcard, maybe. But a 44-year-old Roger pitching every five days (assuming he doesn't get hurt, which is a pretty big assumption--the Yanks could see exactly the same injury troubles that precipitated Rocket's signing in the first place) doesn't automatically hand you the division, let alone a world championship. My money's still on the BoSox (and that's not the RedSox Nation bias talking... I don't think).

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Tittle500 said...

He's my boy!


They shouold make a sequel to that Michale Moore movie about rabbit keepers. And it could be all about me and my boy!

I bet my dad's nipples are wet.

8 out of 9....