It's About Time to Sit Back, Relax, and Strap it Down...

... because pitchers and catchers report tomorrow to Tucson Electric Park to commence the drive to become the 2007 World Series champion White Sox (oh yeah, the Red Legs report tomorrow too...whatever).

It's an exciting time around here at FTG because it'll be the first full season of baseball we'll be up and running for. And as Kissing Suzy Kolber is to football, FTG is to baseball (at least for me... I guess I should let Gage speak for himself). That means you're all in for a lot of posts--on everything from Jeter and A-Rod's manlove to the finer points of Joe Morgan's borderline retardation--from March through October.

And we'll be kicking off baseball madness in grand style with team-by-team previews of all 30 teams, culminating with previews of the Red Legs and White Sox--two teams I think we can all agree are the teams to beat in their respective leagues. With key players like Bubba Crosby and Darin Erstad finally on board (respectively), how could they not be?

Gage will handle the NL because he has a special interest in pitchers running the bases with ridiculously bulky warm-up jackets. I'll handle the AL, naturally, because that's where real men play.

So bate your breath and work up an erection--baseball's about to be covered as only FTG can cover it.

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Gage said...

Joe Morgan, best second baseman ever, best color commentator ever.