Woohoo! Not The Worst Anymore!

                W       L        PCT    GB      Streak  L10
Kansas City 41 53 .436 16.5 Won 2 5-5
Texas 41 54 .432 17 Lost 2 5-5
Cincinnati 41 55 .427 17.5 Won 4 7-3
Pittsburgh 40 54 .426 17.5 Lost 6 3-7
Washington 40 55 .421 18 Won 2 6-4
Houston 40 55 .421 18 Lost 1 3-7
San Francisco 39 54 .419 18 Lost 2 3-7
Tampa Bay 37 57 .394 20.5 Lost 1 4-6
There's your bottom eight of the current overall MLB standings this morning. Thanks to a wonderfully predictable 8th inning meltdown by Armando "Seriously, He's Still Pitching?" Benitez, the Reds were able to run their win streak to a modest four games. Finally, they are no longer the worst team in baseball, and are even third worst in their own division. Break out the ticker tape! Admittedly, they haven't exactly lived up to my lofty prediction but I'm not complaining. Who knows if it's all attributed to mah man P-Mack; or if the team was just due to pull their collective heads out of the sand and start playing some decent baseball. Oh, by the way, Benitez gave up the eventual winning runs on a home run to Ryan Freel of all people. If there ever was a sign that it's time to retire, that has to be it.

Elsewhere, I managed to catch the 30 seconds of Reds baseball per week that the bozos filling in for Mike & Mike (I swear those guys miss at least two days a week) were talking this morning while they had Peter Gammons on the show. Gammons seemed to believe that there was a very real possibility of both Tony La Russa and GM Walt Jocketty coming to Cincinnati next season. Surely this could never happen, right? Both a manager and a GM moving to a division rival? I don't even know how I would feel about having a drunk driving, vegetarian, puppy lover as a manager.