Purdue vs. Florida Deathmatch Live Blog: First Half

Wow. I don't know who they were talking about, but just as I tuned in to the MMOD videocast of the game, the announcer (it must have been Raftery) was saying, "Ooh, he has a live body," to which his partner (Lundquist) responded "Ohh does he" during the lineup introductions. Let the homoeroticism begin. Somewhat appropriate considering my live body just hopped out of the shower from a 6 mile run in 20 degree windchill. Thank goodness for stray audio picked up when Verne Lundquist and Billy Raftery think they're off the air.

And just like that, Purdue is down 4-0. Good thing Joakim Noah is afraid of the hole, or else it'd be 6-0.

Kramer is my daddy. He's on pace for roughly 70 points this afternoon. He has yet to score any from his knees, though.

Wow. Tarrance Crump just drove the lane and put up a good 6-foot pull-up jumper and it didn't get swatted away. This can't keep up, can it?

Apparently he can--Crump just did the same thing from four feet for another score. I haven't seen much Purdue basketball at all this season, but I find it hard to believe Tarrance Crump has been this good.

"Pick up the lingerie, Big Al!" Ummm... what? Is this a new way to say that Crump faked that Florida chump out of his shorts? If you say so, Mr. Raftery.

In any case, forget Kramer; Crump is taking over this game. Gotta feel good about a 5 point lead with no scoring from Teague or Landry.

And now Teague shows up, scoring 5 straight. He'd probably have 10 by now if he'd just let his afro out.

Quickly followed by Landry getting into the action. Keep at 'em, ye of the 50-year-old's hairline. That was a nice move, he just choked on converting the three-point play.

With a little over 8 minutes left in the first, we get the first reference to Purdue's "scrappy play" from Raftery. I look for approximately 10 more of these references throughout the game.

Noah just picked up his second. Sit his ass on the bench, Billy Donovan. The ponytailed wonder has been almost completely absent so far. Let's keep it that way. And let's start making some free throws. Christ.

My sympathies to Justin stuck in the Undergrad Library, blacked out from watching the game. You just missed some solid play under the basket by Gordon "Sock Arm" Watt.

Kramer just pulled a trout--making a nice cut into the lane, pulling up, shooting an airball. Awesome.

Everything--and I mean everything--is coming up short for Purdue. I don't know if Florida has worn them out or what, but they are putting up some weak-ass shit--airballs and little dinks off the front iron. And they're playing sloppy too, turning it over more. Gah. Florida ties it for the first time in a long, long time.

Landry comes up short on his free throw. Seriously. Everything is short. Put some leg into it, guys.

Not the way you want to end the first half, with an awful, awful well-defended three pointer from way out (surprise, it was short). I'll take a two-point lead at half any day, though. Matt Painter, here's hoping you come up with a gameplan to match up with Florida's adjustments--and maybe some energy drinks for the troops' tired legs. Because right now Florida is definitely the better-looking team out there. And I don't mean Joakim Noah's ugly mug. Whew. See you in 20.